Virtual CFO

Under 10 Employees

Investment of


Per Month – 12 Month Commitment

  • Business license renewals
  • Annual incorporation renewals
  • Planning, budgeting, and cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • Human Resources policy compliance review
  • Financial coaching to help you improve your cash flow
  • Key financial metric and benchmark analysis
  • Liaison with audit firms, CPA or Enrolled Agents
  • Financial and operations improvement plans
  • Meetings with your management team (Board of Directors and Executive Team)
  • Accounting software recommendation and implementation

We become your partner through your business journey, ask the difficult questions and hold you accountable to achieve your financial goals

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How do I qualify?

  • Gross Business Income (Pre-Expenses) > $25,000
  • 2+ Years in Business (can be negotiated)
  • The Following Business Structures qualify
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Single Member LLC
    • Single Owner S-Corporation

How do I get started?

Space is limited, only 15 applicants will be accepted into the service.  To reserve your spot, all you need to do is click the “Apply Here” button. This will take you to an online form with a few quick questions that will help me get a picture of your business. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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